Chris Harrison – ‘The North, The North’

Cuff’s own Tim Meredith and ex-Cuffer Chris Harrison, of theatre company Have You Lost Me?, ask each other some piercing questions.

(Have You Lost Me? present ‘The North, The North’ at 16:00 in the Main Space; Chris and Tim are both performing in Off the Cuff’s 10th Anniversary Spectacular) 

Tim interviews Chris 

You’re an actor, writer, designer and cartoonist; if all of those non-material concepts were trapped in a burning building and you only had time to save one which would it be? (DON’T THINK, THE LINTEL IS COLLAPSING, GO!)

I think that writing is probably the most transferable skill listed there, and following the fire it would allow me to pen a long article about fire safety.

What frightens you the most? Could be a work thing or a personal thing. When the lights are off and you’re staring up out of bed, what’s gnawing at your brain?

I used to have a recurring nightmare when I was a child about big lumbering shadow beasts that would alternate between crushing flowers and turning themselves inside out in the most extreme and terrifying manner possible. That happening in reality is a pretty frightening prospect (the inside out thing, not the flowers thing) and it comes back to me more than it probably should – mostly when people ask me about fear (THANKS).

I have a box, the box is a gift for you. It’s about the size of a mini fridge. What do you want to be in there?

I’ve always liked the look of those therapeutic robot seals from Japan…

What are you working on at the moment that you’re most excited about?

Other than ‘The North, The North’, I’m running a theatre company called Rhum and Clay and that’s going pretty well. We’re reworking an old film noir-style show called ‘Hardboiled’ soon, and I reckon it’ll be a lot of fun.

 Chris interviews Tim 

Alright, improviser… You’re trapped in a room. There’s one door and one window, both locked. You have an eye mask, a biro, a tube of toothpaste and a packet of Haribo. How do you escape?

As an improviser I am at heart impractical. I befriend the eye mask and the biro, starting a pseudo-sexual relationship with them, only to find out that they are already both going out with the tube of toothpaste. Distraught, I fall into the arms of a dark and handsome packet of Haribo. I grow old and die in the room.

They’re playing a montage of the best bits from your life. What song/s is/are playing?

Aerodynamic – Daft Punk

Scariest thing about improvised comedy?

Letting it down. People’s opinion about the entire genre can hang on the first show they see – that’s a big responsibility sometimes.

Is there any one thing that will make you laugh without fail?

Dean Pelton……doing literally anything.