IMG_9454Adam is a founder member of Off the Cuff, and ran the group between 2010 and 2014. When he’s not making funny with his combination of silly accents and truly warped imagination, Adam is a freelance TV and radio journalist specialising in the fields of sport, politics, music and current affairs. He has engaged in Twitter arguments with a series of z-list celebrities including Steve Brookstein and Common, and a tweet he sent to David Cameron once incurred the wrath of the mighty Daily Mail. Adam collects Monopoly sets, shoes and an irrational amount of old bank statements.

IMG_9427Simon is a founding member of Off the Cuff and has seen it through many trials, tribulations and glorious victories. He’s never sure how tall he is but reckons it’s less than six foot because his height has never been remarked on as abnormally great except by his dad who can legitimately be described as ‘below average’. He also does stand-up comedy and co-hosts the Brighton cult sensation Fumny Comedy Shoe. Sometimes Simon acts in real plays. He’s auditioned in both a highly inebriated state (badly timed uncancellable whisky tasting) and a brutally hungover state (Halloween party). He got the one where he was hungover. He doesn’t think any lessons can be learned from this as he wasn’t right for the drunk one anyway. He’s Scottish but from the good bit.

IMG_9488John has been a member of Off the Cuff since 2012. He is Cuff’s primary technician and particularly loves it when Cuff go on tour. He is also a DJ, published poet and general geek obsessive. He is a hotbed of punnery and general high level funny. He has probably seen more films than you.


Tim has been a member of Off the Cuff since 2013. He has been performing improv since 2011 after stumbling across Student Improv Nottingham whilst furiously trying to ignore his degree. When not desperately needing everyone to look at him he can be found spending all his money on the steam store or looking lovingly into vintage shops at things made of brass and wood that he can’t afford.

Rosie has been a member of Off the Cuff since 2010. Originally from the Herefordshire sticks, before moving to Brighton she lived in London and trained at The Bridge Theatre Training Company, where she officially proved that she can act all the way up to and including the level of Professional Diploma. She especially enjoyed the three hours per week dedicated to a lesson called Clown, which in turn was dedicated to making a total tit of oneself in the name of laughter. After graduating Rosie found this habit particularly hard to shake, and ultimately found a safe haven, as so many do, in the world of improv. When not Cuffing, Rosie can be found writing about music, planning the menu for her imaginary café and not understanding sci-fi references.